FREE Breaking Bad Cards Against Humanity

October 9, 2013

[slideshow_deploy id=’498′]Breaking Bad may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the meth-shaped hole in your heart has to remain empty for long. Let the legend of Heisenberg continue with a FREE copy of our very own Breaking Bad version of Cards Against Humanity!

Cards Against Humanity is a phrase-matching card game, similar to Apples To Apples, but certainly not for kids. The risqué  game is a perfect match for the dark seedy world of Breaking Bad, and thanks to their   Creative Commons license we can offer our own custom set of Breaking Bad themed cards to you free of charge! Also, be sure to check out the Cards Against Humanity website to download a free version of the original game and mix in for fun!

Download our Breaking Bad set here:  [ddownload id=510]

You don’t get as many cards with the Breaking Bad set, but feel free to download a blank template from the Cards Against Humanity website or mix in the original version of the game for an extra twist.

Ways to Play:

Try playing with only cards from the Breaking Bad Set.


Play with Black Cards from the original set and White Cards from the Breaking Bad set.


How about Breaking Bad Black and original White?


Or, just do a random mix!


Have an A1 day, playing Breaking Bad Cards Against Humanity and make sure you enjoy the game with some Breaking Bad themed food. Our favorites are   Heisen-bergers and   Sky Blue Cupcake

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